Artist - Etienne

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Title: River Song
Category: Fine Art
Medium: Painting on Canvas
Dimensions: Framed 48 inches x 68 inches
Price: $8,300.00
Artist Etienne was born in Boston, Massachusetts but spent her early years in the sunlit desert climate of Phoenix, Arizona. As the child of an engineer and an artist, she developed an intrinsic understanding of the nature of opposites and the forces of attraction in the world that form personal communication and affect the creation of art.

"I was raised by very creative people," Etienne explains. "From my father, I inherited an analytical mind and a love of architecture and clean, straight lines. From my mother, I learned an appreciation for the more organic, painterly approach to light and color. I think the most interesting aesthetic explorations occur in the territory where these ideas begin to interact." As a result of this philosophy, the paintings of artist Etienne skillfully blend complex special relationships with vibrant layered color, creating works of art that are reminiscent of the masters of abstract expressionism. Whether she is applying dazzling color to blown glass or creating multi-dimensional decorative panels, the work of artist Etienne is always alive with color.

After considering a career in education, Etienne chose to follow her passion and studied art, graduating with honors from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. While an undergraduate, she found herself profoundly influenced by the precise abstract painting of Richard Diebenkorn and the playful, vibrant interplay of light and color in the figurative still-lifes of Wayne Thiebaud. Etienne also draws her inspiration from observing the intricacies of life and often travels to remote locations in the United States and Canada in search of new and exciting ideas to stir her creative imagination. "I love being outdoors," the artist states emphatically. "Whether it's in the city or in the middle of nowhere, that's where I'm the happiest."
Etienne plans to continue her education in art with a Masters degree, which would allow her to teach.