Artist - Douglas, John

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Title: Luminaries in Azure
Category: Fine Art
Medium: MIxed Media on Wood
Dimensions: 64" x 54"
Price: call gallery for quote
Comments: Framed painting with mixed media and wood. This artwork can be reproduced in a custom size
Title: Mission Trio
Category: Fine Art
Medium: MIxed Media on Wood
Dimensions: 62" x 52"
Price: $6,900.00
Comments: This piece is also available in reproduction
Title: Orenda
Category: Fine Art
Medium: Painting with Mixed Media on Canvas
Dimensions: 73.5" x 73.5"
Price: $11,900.00
Title: Spectral Configuration
Category: Fine Art
Medium: MIxed Media on Metal
Dimensions: 36" x 70"
Price: $12,500.00
Comments: This artwork has to be seen in person to truly appreciate. The depth and vitality of the art does not convey through this two-dimensional image.
Title: Tri en Metropole
Category: Fine Art
Medium: Painting on Wood
Dimensions: 60" x 50"
Price: $7,900.00
Comments: This piece is also available in reproduction
Douglas, John
"Harmony impacts the consciousness - consciousness translates into harmony." - John Douglas

Artist, John Douglas, was born in Kansas, but raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Douglas' first creative influences stemmed from the delicacy and seemingly perfect scope of nature that he found in his own interactions with the diversity in the landscape of the American Southwest. John pursued an education in fine art by attending Arizona State University as well as coursework in California where he intensively studied drawing, painting, and various additional forms of art media.

The artist's passion for travel has taken him around the globe and back. Personal favorite retreats include Thailand, Florence, Vienna, Prague, and the Amalfi Coast--all of which have provided him with tremendous inspiration that overflows in his work. Douglas has confirmed that he is willing to go, literally, to the ends of the earth to seek out the objects and ethos of exotic places to translate into his work. He has made countless trips to the Met in New York and the Tate in London, for which he has incredible admiration and which he forever finds amazingly poignant. Douglas also acknowledges the momentum in his own work as stimulus from the intensity and curious profundity of such modern artists as Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali. He looks to Bacon for his brilliance, bold success, belief, and enormity and to Dali for his imaginative genius, eccentric character, and surrealist psyche.

Douglas' work transcends mere classical representation. The complex layering of paint, images, iconography, and other media work together to build a fantastic bridge to a world that balances both antiquity and modernism. The sophistication in the artist's diversity of styles has been inspired from all over the world--from Greek and Roman columns to the geometry of mosaics and tile work--from the palms of the British West Indies to the royalty of the Renaissance. Douglas continues to reinvent himself with exploring new mediums such as vibrant abstract painting on dimensional steel and copper wall sculptures, painted dimensional wood construction wall reliefs, and painted glass. John Douglas strives to achieve balance in his life by embracing all forms of art and constantly broadening the scope of his mind's eye. John continues to support and enjoy the opera, live theater, performance arts, and Broadway shows, and, as always, he attends to his enthusiasm for travel.